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casa::window Struct Reference

MIRIAD dataset casacore::MeasurementSet filler. More...

#include <Importmiriad.h>

Public Attributes

int nspect
int nschan [MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]
int ischan [MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]
double sdf [MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]
double sfreq [MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]
double restfreq [MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]
char code [MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]
int nwide
 wide band (for CARMA these are the spectral window averages - i.e. More...
float wfreq [MAXWIDE]
float wwidth [MAXWIDE]
int chain [MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]
 ifchain for ATCA More...

Detailed Description

MIRIAD dataset casacore::MeasurementSet filler.

Derived from carmafiller.

Despite that this program is written in C++ and uses classes, it is really a set of routines manipulating a huge common block.....

Acknowledgement: this program was originally cloned off whose code is now in Ray Plante wrote the other filler, with which we had some cross talk

Limitations, Caveats and Remaining ToDo's

Todo: to deal with multiple zoom setups (freq changes), we need to track which spectral windows each source appears to make a proper source table indexed by source id and spw id

History: Spring 1997: written (cloned off uvfitsfiller) Peter Teuben July 1997: Y2K, fixed table-interface PJT Dec 1997: fixed wideband only data (e.g. uvgen) PJT ??? somebody fixed up this code for some new release ??? May 2000: fixed up for various new AIPS++ conventions PJT and added multi-source & field PJT Sep 2000: development now on linux, converted to OldMS PJT Dec 2000: casacore::Conversion to casacore::MS (MS2) PJT typical compile time: (P600/256M/15MBps HD: 36") typical 3c273 conversion time: 2.6" (5.3->11.3 MB) Cf. that to "uvio" processing time, which runs at disk I/O speed (15 MB/s on the beforementioned laptop) Jan-Feb 2001: window layout, restfreq's and various things to get msmultiscale to work; added some syscal support PJT April 2001: final cleanup for the 1.5 AIPS++ release - PJT [note that from this moment on bimafiller is for experimental use and deprecated, the new version will be called 'mirfiller' Oct 2001: mirlib changed location Sep 2009: revived in CASA, added various tables for CARMA also renamed from bimafiller to carmafiller Sep 2011: initial release Mar 2013: Rename to importmiriad and make it work for ATCA CABB data (more channels, windows and 4 pols) MHW May 2014: Fix some compiler warnings, add TOPO option MHW Jul 2015: Cope with data with changing freq setups,e.g., CABB zoom data with multiple sources MHW Jan 2016 Turn from standalone app into tool+task MHW

a placeholder for the MIRIAD spectral window configuration see also the MIRIAD programmers guide, and its appendix on UV Variables for CARMA we have MAXWIN = MAXWIDE (16 normally, 6 in 2006-2009, more later) narrow band (plus MAXWIDE space to point into the wide band data too)

Definition at line 132 of file Importmiriad.h.

Member Data Documentation

int casa::window::chain[MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]

ifchain for ATCA

Definition at line 146 of file Importmiriad.h.

char casa::window::code[MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]

Definition at line 139 of file Importmiriad.h.

int casa::window::ischan[MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]

Definition at line 135 of file Importmiriad.h.

int casa::window::nschan[MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]

Definition at line 134 of file Importmiriad.h.

int casa::window::nspect

Definition at line 133 of file Importmiriad.h.

int casa::window::nwide

wide band (for CARMA these are the spectral window averages - i.e.


Definition at line 142 of file Importmiriad.h.

double casa::window::restfreq[MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]

Definition at line 138 of file Importmiriad.h.

double casa::window::sdf[MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]

Definition at line 136 of file Importmiriad.h.

double casa::window::sfreq[MAXWIN+MAXWIDE]

Definition at line 137 of file Importmiriad.h.

float casa::window::wfreq[MAXWIDE]

Definition at line 143 of file Importmiriad.h.

float casa::window::wwidth[MAXWIDE]

Definition at line 144 of file Importmiriad.h.

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