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casacore::FuncExprData::ExprOperator Struct Reference

The operator description: code; priority; # of arguments; # of arguments used up (or produced for functions) More...

#include <FuncExprData.h>

Public Attributes

opTypes code
 The operator code. More...
String name
 The name (or characters) More...
opCategories category
 The category. More...
uInt priority
 Execution priority. More...
uInt narg

of arguments necessary (or minimum)

uInt nmaxarg
 max # of arguments (for function) More...
Int nresult

of results produced/used

Int info
 code info (like par/x index; jump distance More...
specAction special
 special action More...
ExprCompState state
 state More...

Detailed Description

The operator description: code; priority; # of arguments; # of arguments used up (or produced for functions)

Definition at line 185 of file FuncExprData.h.

Member Data Documentation

opCategories casacore::FuncExprData::ExprOperator::category

The category.

Definition at line 191 of file FuncExprData.h.

opTypes casacore::FuncExprData::ExprOperator::code

The operator code.

Definition at line 187 of file FuncExprData.h.

Int casacore::FuncExprData::ExprOperator::info

code info (like par/x index; jump distance

Definition at line 201 of file FuncExprData.h.

String casacore::FuncExprData::ExprOperator::name

The name (or characters)

Definition at line 189 of file FuncExprData.h.

uInt casacore::FuncExprData::ExprOperator::narg

of arguments necessary (or minimum)

Definition at line 195 of file FuncExprData.h.

uInt casacore::FuncExprData::ExprOperator::nmaxarg

max # of arguments (for function)

Definition at line 197 of file FuncExprData.h.

Int casacore::FuncExprData::ExprOperator::nresult

of results produced/used

Definition at line 199 of file FuncExprData.h.

uInt casacore::FuncExprData::ExprOperator::priority

Execution priority.

Definition at line 193 of file FuncExprData.h.

specAction casacore::FuncExprData::ExprOperator::special

special action

Definition at line 203 of file FuncExprData.h.

ExprCompState casacore::FuncExprData::ExprOperator::state


Definition at line 205 of file FuncExprData.h.

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