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Calibration, Imaging and Datasystems for AIPS++
- Report of the meeting held at
Green Bank, West Virginia1
3rd - 14th February, 1992

Edited by D.L. Shone & T.J. Cornwell

18th February, 1992


L.A. Higgs (Chairman) - DRAO, Penticton, Canada & AIPS++ group

S. Bhatnagar - GMRT, India & AIPS++ group

T.J. Cornwell - NRAO, U.S.A.

P.J. Diamond - NRAO, U.S.A.

J.R. Fisher - NRAO, U.S.A.

E.B. Fomalont - NRAO, U.S.A.

J.P. Hamaker - NFRA, Dwingeloo, Netherlands

M.H. Holdaway - NRAO, U.S.A. & AIPS++ group

R.G. Noble - NRAL, Jodrell Bank, U.K.

R.J. Sault - CSIRO-ATNF, Australia & AIPS++ group

D.L. Shone - NRAL, Jodrell Bank, U.K. & AIPS++ group

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