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Getting Started in Glish

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Getting Started in Glish describes the main language features of Glish with simple examples drawn from test data acquired by the GBT hardware systems now under development.

The Glish User's Manual is the fundamental reference on the Glish language.

Advanced programming in AIPS++ and Glish describes advanced programming idioms in AIPS++ and Glish.

Announcements gives you current information about the status of Glish

Find articles that reference Glish.

Look at Glish Source Code

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Glish is a scripting language which, together with the C++ library, makes it very easy to develop distributed, loosely coupled, applications. The C++ library implements a "software bus" which allows applications to easily be distributed across a heterogeneous network. The scripting language itself is a vector oriented calculator with language constructs designed for control of asynchronous events. It allows the user to control and connnect processes attached to the "software bus".

Glish is currently used primarily for data analysis and telescope control. It is a cornerstone of the data analysis system called AIPS++. This system uses Glish for control and communication. The compute tasks are written in C++ and connected to the interpreter via the "software bus". Glish is also the command line interface for AIPS++, and from it, users can combine computing elements to fit their needs. In addition, most simple graphical user interface (GUI) elements are implemented using a Tk addition to Glish. This addition allows users to control the GUI and the application within the same event-oriented scripting language.

Glish was originally developed for the Superconducting Super Collider by Vern Paxson ( and Chris Saltmarsh ( at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Since 1995, Glish has been maintained and developed by Darrell Schiebel at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory as part of the AIPS++ project.

Darrell Schiebel

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