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Learn More about the AIPS++ Project

The Newsletters web page contains the list of AIPS++ Newsletters. These newsletters discuss current events and developments in AIPS++.

The Notes pages is the prime repository for many different types of planning and design documents.

The Memos page chronicles the AIPS++ Project from its inception to current status. It is updated infrequently.

The Specifications page contains links to the original and "updated" specifications for AIPS++.

The Papers page contains a number of papers about AIPS++ that have been given by project staff.

The Presentations page contains a number of power-point presentations about AIPS++ that have been given by project staff.

The Change Proposals pages describes proposed major changes to AIPS++.

The Quarterly Reports page contains documentation of project activities for the AIPS++ Project since 1995.

Consortium Web Sites

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