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Programming AIPS++

General Help for Programmers is a manual compiled by Wes Young to help the AIPS++ programming novice find his or her way through "the maze of twisty passages -- all alike.".

AIPS++ Programming Manual is intended for people who are either implementing code for AIPS++ or who are using AIPS++ libraries for their own work, but are not actively extending the system.

The AIPS++ System Manual describes the "nuts & bolts" of the AIPS++ System; how it is put together and how it is intended to run. An adjunct to the System Manual is the AIPS++ Adminstrator's Guide which describes the various operational tasks of the AIPS++ system's programmer.

Class library documentation used in AIPS++.

The Quality Assurance Group has been established to ensure consistent coding rules, guidelines, and structure within AIPS++.

AIPS++ decision log: a record of major project development decisions.

Developer's Notes a compilation of programmer gotchas.

The changelog for the current development cycle for the AIPS++ Library Modules and Tools.

Source-File Templates

Current Build Status

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