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Getting Started with AIPS++

AIPS++ Cookbook

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Getting Started with AIPS++ is your key to understanding and using the AIPS++ environment.

There are three volumes of the " AIPS++ Cookbook" providing general information about the capabilities of AIPS++ and supplies easy to follow examples. Volume 1 - Basic Tools provides general information about general use tools. Volume 2 - Generic Processing provides general information about calibration and imaging. Volume 3 - Telescope Specific Processing provides general information about telescope specific data reduction.

The User Reference Manual contains complete documentation for all capabilities in AIPS++.

AIPS++ Recipes present steps, from beginning to end, of specific common procedures using AIPS++.

To help migrate from Miriad and classic AIPS, we have two software dictionaries which provide the equivalent commands between AIPS and Miriad and AIPS++.

The AIPS++ Glossary defines astronomical, mathematical, and computing terms relevant in AIPS++.

Glish provides the command line interface used in AIPS++. Included in the documentation is a tutorial, user's manual, and Glish Reference Manual. The Glish programming language allows you to write scripts to specify which programs to run and to interconnect them. With this simple scripting language you are able to customize your AIPS++ environment to meet your specific needs.

Changelogs show the main achievements in the current AIPS++ development cycle.
The Tool changelog provides a summary for the user area.
The changelog overview contains links to the changelog summaries for all AIPS++ areas.

Aipsview is no longer packaged with AIPS++. You may obtain it directly from the Radio Astronomy Imaging Group at NCSA, at

Please send any comments or questions about AIPS++ to

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