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Misc.h File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <set>
#include <map>
#include <boost/filesystem/path.hpp>
#include <boost/filesystem/convenience.hpp>
#include <boost/algorithm/string/trim.hpp>
#include <boost/algorithm/string/predicate.hpp>
#include <boost/algorithm/string/split.hpp>
#include <algorithm>
#include <cctype>
#include <locale>

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class  asdm::ByteOrder
 A class to represent byte order information. More...
class  asdm::ASDMUtilsException
class  asdm::ASDMUtils
struct  asdm::ASDMUtils::DotXMLFilter
class  asdm::ASDMParseOptions
 A class to define a collection of options regarding the way to consider an ASDM dataset especially when it's about to be read on disk, parsed and transformed into its representation in memory. More...
class  asdm::XSLTransformerException
 A class to represent an exception thrown while an XSL transformation is applied by an instance of XSLTransformer. More...
class  asdm::XSLTransformer
 A class to apply XSL transformations on an XML document. More...
class  asdm::CharComparator
 Functor class of for a comparison between a "given" character and a characted assumed to be read from a file. More...
class  asdm::CharCompAccumulator
 Functor class of for a comparison between a "given" character and a characted assumed to be read in a file with a an accumulation of the characters read in the file into a accumulating string. More...


 Length.h generated on 'Thu Feb 04 10:20:05 CET 2010'.


#define ByteSwap5(x)
 Swap bytes. More...


typedef unsigned char xmlChar
typedef struct _xmlNode xmlNode
typedef xmlNodexmlNodePtr
typedef struct _xmlDoc xmlDoc
typedef xmlDocxmlDocPtr
typedef struct _xsltStylesheet xsltStylesheet
typedef xsltStylesheetxsltStylesheetPtr


bool asdm::directoryExists (const char *dir)
 Some utility methods to manipulate directories. More...
bool asdm::createDirectory (const char *dir)
 Creates the specified directory. More...
bool asdm::createPath (const char *path)
 Creates a complete path. More...
void asdm::ByteSwap (unsigned char *b, int n)
std::string asdm::uniqSlashes (const std::string &s)
 Return a string whose content is equal to the content of s but with all the repetitions of '/' characters replaced by a unique '/'. More...


int xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ByteSwap5 (   x)

Swap bytes.

Definition at line 108 of file Misc.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned char xmlChar

Definition at line 52 of file Misc.h.

typedef struct _xmlDoc xmlDoc

Definition at line 59 of file Misc.h.

typedef xmlDoc* xmlDocPtr

Definition at line 60 of file Misc.h.

typedef struct _xmlNode xmlNode

Definition at line 55 of file Misc.h.

typedef xmlNode* xmlNodePtr

Definition at line 56 of file Misc.h.

typedef struct _xsltStylesheet xsltStylesheet

Definition at line 63 of file Misc.h.

Definition at line 64 of file Misc.h.

Variable Documentation

int xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue

Definition at line 66 of file Misc.h.