casa  5.7.0-16
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VisibilityIterator2.h File Reference
#include <casa/aips.h>
#include <ms/MeasurementSets/MSIter.h>
#include <ms/MeasurementSets/MeasurementSet.h>
#include <msvis/MSVis/VisBuffer2.h>
#include <msvis/MSVis/VisBufferComponents2.h>
#include <msvis/MSVis/ViiLayerFactory.h>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>

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class  casacore::RigidVector< T, n >
 Fast Vector classes with fixed (templated) length. More...
class  casacore::SquareMatrix< T, n >
 Fast Square Matrix class with fixed (templated) size. More...
class  casa::vi::SubtableColumns
class  casa::vi::WeightScaling
class  casa::vi::WeightScalingImpl< F >
class  casa::vi::SortColumns
class  casa::vi::ViFactory
class  casa::vi::VisibilityIterator2
 VisibilityIterator2 iterates through one or more readonly MeasurementSets. More...
class  casa::vi::VisibilityIterator2::Factory


 For temporary backward namespace compatibility, use casa as alias for casacore.
 -*- mode: c++ -*-
 A class to support FTMachines get their convolution casacore::Function.


Subchunk class Provides the
ordered pair identifying the
current subchunk The first
component is the 
casa::vi::chunk (goes from 0 to nChunks-1 during the outer loop iteration).The second component is the subchunk number which is zero after VisibilityIterator
template<typename F >
< WeightScaling > 
casa::vi::generateWeightScaling (F f)