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malloc.h File Reference
#include <stddef.h>

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struct  mallinfo


#define MALLOC_280_H
#define dlcalloc
#define dlfree
#define dlmalloc
#define dlmemalign
#define dlrealloc
#define dlvalloc
#define dlpvalloc
#define dlmallinfo
#define dlmallopt
#define dlmalloc_trim
#define dlmalloc_stats
#define dlmalloc_usable_size
#define dlmalloc_footprint
#define dlindependent_calloc
#define dlindependent_comalloc


typedef void * mspace


void * dlmalloc (size_t)
void dlfree (void *)
void * dlcalloc (size_t, size_t)
void * dlrealloc (void *, size_t)
void * dlmemalign (size_t, size_t)
void * dlvalloc (size_t)
int dlmallopt (int, int)
size_t dlmalloc_footprint ()
struct mallinfo dlmallinfo (void)
 for (i=0;i< n-1;++i) pool[i]-> next=pool[i+1]
 free (pool)
*void ** dlindependent_calloc (size_t, size_t, void **)
void * dlpvalloc (size_t)
int dlmalloc_trim (size_t)
void dlmalloc_stats ()
size_t dlmalloc_usable_size (void *)
mspace create_mspace (size_t capacity, int locked)
size_t destroy_mspace (mspace msp)
mspace create_mspace_with_base (void *base, size_t capacity, int locked)
int mspace_track_large_chunks (mspace msp, int enable)
void * mspace_malloc (mspace msp, size_t bytes)
void mspace_free (mspace msp, void *mem)
void * mspace_realloc (mspace msp, void *mem, size_t newsize)
void * mspace_calloc (mspace msp, size_t n_elements, size_t elem_size)
void * mspace_memalign (mspace msp, size_t alignment, size_t bytes)
void ** mspace_independent_calloc (mspace msp, size_t n_elements, size_t elem_size, void *chunks[])
void ** mspace_independent_comalloc (mspace msp, size_t n_elements, size_t sizes[], void *chunks[])
size_t mspace_footprint (mspace msp)
struct mallinfo mspace_mallinfo (mspace msp)
size_t mspace_usable_size (void *mem)
void mspace_malloc_stats (mspace msp)
int mspace_trim (mspace msp, size_t pad)
int mspace_mallopt (int, int)


struct Node * first
In general though

Macro Definition Documentation

#define dlcalloc

Definition at line 105 of file malloc.h.

#define dlfree

Definition at line 106 of file malloc.h.

#define dlindependent_calloc

Definition at line 118 of file malloc.h.

#define dlindependent_comalloc

Definition at line 119 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmallinfo

Definition at line 112 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmalloc

Definition at line 107 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmalloc_footprint

Definition at line 117 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmalloc_stats

Definition at line 115 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmalloc_trim

Definition at line 114 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmalloc_usable_size

Definition at line 116 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmallopt

Definition at line 113 of file malloc.h.

#define dlmemalign

Definition at line 108 of file malloc.h.

#define dlpvalloc

Definition at line 111 of file malloc.h.

#define dlrealloc

Definition at line 109 of file malloc.h.

#define dlvalloc

Definition at line 110 of file malloc.h.


Definition at line 243 of file malloc.h.


Definition at line 244 of file malloc.h.


Definition at line 242 of file malloc.h.


Definition at line 125 of file malloc.h.

#define MALLOC_280_H

Definition at line 86 of file malloc.h.


Definition at line 98 of file malloc.h.


Definition at line 95 of file malloc.h.


Definition at line 128 of file malloc.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void* mspace

Definition at line 477 of file malloc.h.

Function Documentation

mspace create_mspace ( size_t  capacity,
int  locked 
mspace create_mspace_with_base ( void *  base,
size_t  capacity,
int  locked 
size_t destroy_mspace ( mspace  msp)
void* dlcalloc ( size_t  ,
void dlfree ( void *  )
* void** dlindependent_calloc ( size_t  ,
size_t  ,
void **   
struct mallinfo dlmallinfo ( void  )
void* dlmalloc ( size_t  )
size_t dlmalloc_footprint ( )
void dlmalloc_stats ( )
int dlmalloc_trim ( size_t  )
size_t dlmalloc_usable_size ( void *  )
int dlmallopt ( int  ,
void* dlmemalign ( size_t  ,
void* dlpvalloc ( size_t  )
void* dlrealloc ( void *  ,
void* dlvalloc ( size_t  )
for ( )
free ( pool  )
void* mspace_calloc ( mspace  msp,
size_t  n_elements,
size_t  elem_size 
size_t mspace_footprint ( mspace  msp)
void mspace_free ( mspace  msp,
void *  mem 
void** mspace_independent_calloc ( mspace  msp,
size_t  n_elements,
size_t  elem_size,
void *  chunks[] 
void** mspace_independent_comalloc ( mspace  msp,
size_t  n_elements,
size_t  sizes[],
void *  chunks[] 
struct mallinfo mspace_mallinfo ( mspace  msp)
void* mspace_malloc ( mspace  msp,
size_t  bytes 
void mspace_malloc_stats ( mspace  msp)
int mspace_mallopt ( int  ,
void* mspace_memalign ( mspace  msp,
size_t  alignment,
size_t  bytes 
void* mspace_realloc ( mspace  msp,
void *  mem,
size_t  newsize 
int mspace_track_large_chunks ( mspace  msp,
int  enable 
int mspace_trim ( mspace  msp,
size_t  pad 
size_t mspace_usable_size ( void *  mem)

Variable Documentation

return first
In general though

Definition at line 390 of file malloc.h.