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asdm::Entity Class Reference

The Entity class is an identification of a persistant entity in the ALMA archive. More...

#include <Entity.h>

Public Member Functions

 Entity ()
 Entity (const std::string &s)
 Entity (asdmIDLTypes::IDLEntity &)
 Entity (std::string entityId, std::string entityIdEncrypted, std::string entityTypeName, std::string entityVersion, std::string instanceVersion)
virtual ~Entity ()
bool operator== (const Entity &) const
bool equals (const Entity &) const
bool operator!= (const Entity &) const
bool isNull () const
std::string toString () const
std::string toXML () const
asdmIDLTypes::IDLEntity toIDLEntity () const
void setFromXML (std::string xml)
void toBin (EndianOSStream &eoss) const
 Write the binary representation of this to a EndianOSStream. More...
EntityId getEntityId () const
std::string getEntityIdEncrypted () const
std::string getEntityTypeName () const
std::string getEntityVersion () const
std::string getInstanceVersion () const
void setEntityId (EntityId e)
void setEntityIdEncrypted (std::string s)
void setEntityTypeName (std::string s)
void setEntityVersion (std::string s)
void setInstanceVersion (std::string s)

Static Public Member Functions

static Entity getEntity (StringTokenizer &t)
static Entity fromBin (EndianIStream &eis)
 Read the binary representation of an Enity from a EndianIStream and use the read value to set an Entity. More...

Private Member Functions

std::string getXMLValue (std::string xml, std::string parm) const
std::string validXML () const

Private Attributes

EntityId entityId
std::string entityIdEncrypted
std::string entityTypeName
std::string entityVersion
std::string instanceVersion


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, const Entity &)
std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &, Entity &)

Detailed Description

The Entity class is an identification of a persistant entity in the ALMA archive.

It easily maps onto an EntityT object in ACS system entities.

1.00 Jan. 7, 2005
Allen Farris

Definition at line 59 of file Entity.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

asdm::Entity::Entity ( )
asdm::Entity::Entity ( const std::string &  s)
asdm::Entity::Entity ( asdmIDLTypes::IDLEntity &  )
asdm::Entity::Entity ( std::string  entityId,
std::string  entityIdEncrypted,
std::string  entityTypeName,
std::string  entityVersion,
std::string  instanceVersion 
virtual asdm::Entity::~Entity ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool asdm::Entity::equals ( const Entity ) const
static Entity asdm::Entity::fromBin ( EndianIStream eis)

Read the binary representation of an Enity from a EndianIStream and use the read value to set an Entity.

eisthe EndianStream to be read
an Entity

Referenced by asdm::TableStreamReader< T, R >::open().

static Entity asdm::Entity::getEntity ( StringTokenizer t)
EntityId asdm::Entity::getEntityId ( ) const
std::string asdm::Entity::getEntityIdEncrypted ( ) const
std::string asdm::Entity::getEntityTypeName ( ) const
std::string asdm::Entity::getEntityVersion ( ) const
std::string asdm::Entity::getInstanceVersion ( ) const
std::string asdm::Entity::getXMLValue ( std::string  xml,
std::string  parm 
) const
bool asdm::Entity::isNull ( ) const
bool asdm::Entity::operator!= ( const Entity ) const
bool asdm::Entity::operator== ( const Entity ) const
void asdm::Entity::setEntityId ( EntityId  e)
void asdm::Entity::setEntityIdEncrypted ( std::string  s)
void asdm::Entity::setEntityTypeName ( std::string  s)
void asdm::Entity::setEntityVersion ( std::string  s)
void asdm::Entity::setFromXML ( std::string  xml)
void asdm::Entity::setInstanceVersion ( std::string  s)
void asdm::Entity::toBin ( EndianOSStream eoss) const

Write the binary representation of this to a EndianOSStream.

asdmIDLTypes::IDLEntity asdm::Entity::toIDLEntity ( ) const
std::string asdm::Entity::toString ( ) const
std::string asdm::Entity::toXML ( ) const
std::string asdm::Entity::validXML ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  ,
const Entity  
std::istream& operator>> ( std::istream &  ,

Member Data Documentation

EntityId asdm::Entity::entityId

Definition at line 113 of file Entity.h.

std::string asdm::Entity::entityIdEncrypted

Definition at line 114 of file Entity.h.

std::string asdm::Entity::entityTypeName

Definition at line 115 of file Entity.h.

std::string asdm::Entity::entityVersion

Definition at line 116 of file Entity.h.

std::string asdm::Entity::instanceVersion

Definition at line 117 of file Entity.h.

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