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casa::ComponentListWrapper Class Reference

Provides convenient accessors and functionality for a ComponentList. More...

#include <ComponentListWrapper.h>

Public Member Functions

 ComponentListWrapper ()
int getSize () const
string getRA (int i) const
string getDEC (int i) const
string getType (int i) const
const ComponentShapegetShape (int i) const
casacore::Quantity getMajorAxis (int i) const
casacore::Quantity getMinorAxis (int i) const
casacore::Quantity getAngle (int i) const
< casacore::Vector< double > > 
getLatLong (int i) const
casacore::Quantity getFlux (int i) const
void clear ()
 QString getEstimateFixed(int index) const;. More...
void remove (QVector< int > indices)
void fromComponentList (ComponentList list)
bool fromRecord (casacore::String &errorMsg, casacore::Record &record)
bool toEstimateFile (QTextStream &stream, const casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > *const image, QString &errorMsg, bool screenEstimates=false, RegionBox *screenBox=NULL) const
QList< RegionShape * > toDrawingDisplay (const casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > *image, const QString &colorName) const
bool toRegionFile (const casacore::ImageInterface< float > *image, int channelIndex, const QString &filePath) const
virtual ~ComponentListWrapper ()

Private Member Functions

void toRecord (casacore::Record &record, const casacore::Quantity &quantity) const
double getRAValue (int i, const casacore::String &unit) const
double getDECValue (int i, const casacore::String &unit) const
double radiansToDegrees (double value) const
double degreesToArcSecs (double Value) const
casacore::Quantity getAxis (int listIndex, int shapeIndex, bool toArcSecs) const
double rotateAngle (double value) const
void deconvolve (const casacore::ImageInterface< float > *image, int channel, casacore::Quantity &majorAxis, casacore::Quantity &minorAxis, casacore::Quantity &positionAngle) const

Private Attributes

ComponentList skyList
const casacore::String RAD
const casacore::String DEG
const casacore::String ARC_SEC

Detailed Description

Provides convenient accessors and functionality for a ComponentList.

Definition at line 46 of file ComponentListWrapper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::ComponentListWrapper::ComponentListWrapper ( )
virtual casa::ComponentListWrapper::~ComponentListWrapper ( )

Member Function Documentation

void casa::ComponentListWrapper::clear ( )

QString getEstimateFixed(int index) const;.

void casa::ComponentListWrapper::deconvolve ( const casacore::ImageInterface< float > *  image,
int  channel,
casacore::Quantity majorAxis,
casacore::Quantity minorAxis,
casacore::Quantity positionAngle 
) const
double casa::ComponentListWrapper::degreesToArcSecs ( double  Value) const
void casa::ComponentListWrapper::fromComponentList ( ComponentList  list)
bool casa::ComponentListWrapper::fromRecord ( casacore::String errorMsg,
casacore::Record record 
casacore::Quantity casa::ComponentListWrapper::getAngle ( int  i) const
casacore::Quantity casa::ComponentListWrapper::getAxis ( int  listIndex,
int  shapeIndex,
bool  toArcSecs 
) const
string casa::ComponentListWrapper::getDEC ( int  i) const
double casa::ComponentListWrapper::getDECValue ( int  i,
const casacore::String unit 
) const
casacore::Quantity casa::ComponentListWrapper::getFlux ( int  i) const
casacore::Quantum< casacore::Vector<double> > casa::ComponentListWrapper::getLatLong ( int  i) const
casacore::Quantity casa::ComponentListWrapper::getMajorAxis ( int  i) const
casacore::Quantity casa::ComponentListWrapper::getMinorAxis ( int  i) const
string casa::ComponentListWrapper::getRA ( int  i) const
double casa::ComponentListWrapper::getRAValue ( int  i,
const casacore::String unit 
) const
const ComponentShape* casa::ComponentListWrapper::getShape ( int  i) const
int casa::ComponentListWrapper::getSize ( ) const
string casa::ComponentListWrapper::getType ( int  i) const
double casa::ComponentListWrapper::radiansToDegrees ( double  value) const
void casa::ComponentListWrapper::remove ( QVector< int >  indices)
double casa::ComponentListWrapper::rotateAngle ( double  value) const
QList<RegionShape*> casa::ComponentListWrapper::toDrawingDisplay ( const casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > *  image,
const QString &  colorName 
) const
bool casa::ComponentListWrapper::toEstimateFile ( QTextStream &  stream,
const casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > *const  image,
QString &  errorMsg,
bool  screenEstimates = false,
RegionBox screenBox = NULL 
) const
void casa::ComponentListWrapper::toRecord ( casacore::Record record,
const casacore::Quantity quantity 
) const
bool casa::ComponentListWrapper::toRegionFile ( const casacore::ImageInterface< float > *  image,
int  channelIndex,
const QString &  filePath 
) const

Member Data Documentation

const casacore::String casa::ComponentListWrapper::ARC_SEC

Definition at line 85 of file ComponentListWrapper.h.

const casacore::String casa::ComponentListWrapper::DEG

Definition at line 84 of file ComponentListWrapper.h.

const casacore::String casa::ComponentListWrapper::RAD

Definition at line 83 of file ComponentListWrapper.h.

ComponentList casa::ComponentListWrapper::skyList

Definition at line 82 of file ComponentListWrapper.h.

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