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casa::SideBandSeparatorII Class Reference

Data model dependent side band separator class. More...

#include <SideBandSeparator.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::SideBandSeparatorII:

Public Member Functions

 SideBandSeparatorII (const std::vector< std::string > &imagename)
 The constructor. More...
virtual ~SideBandSeparatorII ()
 The destructor. More...
virtual void separate (const std::string &outfile, const bool overwrite)
 invoke sideband separation More...
void setImageBandFrequency (const double refpix, const casacore::Quantity refval)
 set frequency information of output image in image sideband More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::SideBandSeparatorBase
 SideBandSeparatorBase (const std::vector< std::string > &inputname)
 The constructor. More...
virtual ~SideBandSeparatorBase ()
 The destructor. More...
void setShift (const std::vector< double > &shift, const bool signal=true)
 Set the number of channels shifted in each input data. More...
void setThreshold (const double limit)
 Set rejection limit of solution. More...
void solveBoth (const bool flag)
 Resolve both image and signal sideband when true is set. More...
void solvefromOther (const bool flag)
 Obtain spectra by subtracting the solution of the other sideband. More...

Private Member Functions

void initLocal ()
 protected: More...
void checkImage ()
bool getImageCoordinate (const string &imagename, casacore::CoordinateSystem &csys, casacore::IPosition &npix)
bool compareImageAxes (const string &imagename, const casacore::CoordinateSystem &refcsys, const casacore::IPosition &refnpix)
bool getSpectraToSolve (const std::vector< casa::SPIIF > &images, const casacore::Slicer &slicer, casacore::Matrix< float > &specMat, casacore::Matrix< bool > &maskMat, std::vector< casacore::uInt > &imgIdvec)

Private Attributes

double refFreqPix_
double refFreqHz_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::SideBandSeparatorBase
void init ()
 Initialize member variables. More...
void initshift ()
void setInput (const std::vector< std::string > &inputname)
casacore::Bool checkFile (const std::string name, std::string type="")
 Return if the path exists (optionally, check file type) More...
casacore::Vector< float > solve (const casacore::Matrix< float > &specMat, const std::vector< casacore::uInt > &inIdvec, const bool signal=true)
casacore::Vector< bool > collapseMask (const casacore::Matrix< bool > &flagMat, const std::vector< casacore::uInt > &inIdvec, const bool signal=true)
void shiftSpectrum (const casacore::Vector< float > &invec, double shift, casacore::Vector< float > &outvec)
void shiftFlag (const casacore::Vector< bool > &invec, double shift, casacore::Vector< bool > &outvec)
void deconvolve (casacore::Matrix< float > &specmat, const std::vector< double > shiftvec, const double threshold, casacore::Matrix< float > &outmat)
void aggregateMat (const casacore::Matrix< float > &inmat, std::vector< float > &outvec)
void subtractFromOther (const casacore::Matrix< float > &shiftmat, const std::vector< float > &invec, const std::vector< double > &shift, std::vector< float > &outvec)
*size_t setupShift ()
bool interpolateMaskedChannels (casacore::Array< float > spectrum, const casacore::Array< bool > maskp)
- Protected Attributes inherited from casa::SideBandSeparatorBase
std::vector< std::string > inputNames_
 Member variables. More...
std::vector< double > sigShift_
 frequency and direction setup to select data. More...
std::vector< double > imgShift_
unsigned int nshift_
unsigned int nchan_
bool otherside_
 solution parameters More...
bool doboth_
double rejlimit_
< casacore::Float,
casacore::Complex > 
< casacore::Float,
casacore::Complex > 

Detailed Description

Data model dependent side band separator class.

Input: CASA image Output : CASA image

Definition at line 173 of file SideBandSeparator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::SideBandSeparatorII::SideBandSeparatorII ( const std::vector< std::string > &  imagename)

The constructor.

[in]inputnameA vector of file names of input data
virtual casa::SideBandSeparatorII::~SideBandSeparatorII ( )

The destructor.

Definition at line 185 of file SideBandSeparator.h.

Member Function Documentation

void casa::SideBandSeparatorII::checkImage ( )
bool casa::SideBandSeparatorII::compareImageAxes ( const string &  imagename,
const casacore::CoordinateSystem refcsys,
const casacore::IPosition refnpix 
bool casa::SideBandSeparatorII::getImageCoordinate ( const string &  imagename,
casacore::CoordinateSystem csys,
casacore::IPosition npix 
bool casa::SideBandSeparatorII::getSpectraToSolve ( const std::vector< casa::SPIIF > &  images,
const casacore::Slicer slicer,
casacore::Matrix< float > &  specMat,
casacore::Matrix< bool > &  maskMat,
std::vector< casacore::uInt > &  imgIdvec 
void casa::SideBandSeparatorII::initLocal ( )


virtual void casa::SideBandSeparatorII::separate ( const std::string &  outfile,
const bool  overwrite 

invoke sideband separation

[in]outfilethe prefix of output file names. Suffixes which indicates sideband, i.e., 'signalband' and 'imageband', are added to outfile .
[in]overwriteif true overwrite existing output files. if false, an error is raised if an output file already exists.

Implements casa::SideBandSeparatorBase.

void casa::SideBandSeparatorII::setImageBandFrequency ( const double  refpix,
const casacore::Quantity  refval 

set frequency information of output image in image sideband

[in]refpixreference channel of image sideband
in'refval frequency in reference channel

Member Data Documentation

double casa::SideBandSeparatorII::refFreqHz_

Definition at line 215 of file SideBandSeparator.h.

double casa::SideBandSeparatorII::refFreqPix_

Definition at line 215 of file SideBandSeparator.h.

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