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casacore::LoggerHolderRep Class Reference

Representation of the class holding a hierarchy of loggers. More...

#include <LoggerHolder.h>

Public Member Functions

 LoggerHolderRep (Bool nullSink)
 Create with a NullSink or MemoryLogSink (default). More...
 LoggerHolderRep (const String &logTableName, Bool isWritable)
 Create with a TableLogSink. More...
 LoggerHolderRep (const LoggerHolderRep &)
 Copy constructor. More...
 ~LoggerHolderRep ()
LoggerHolderRepoperator= (const LoggerHolderRep &)
 Assignment. More...
void addParent (const LoggerHolder &)
 Add a logger from a parent. More...
void append (const LoggerHolder &other)
 Append the entries of the other logger to this one. More...
void reopenRW ()
 Reopen a readonly logtable for read/write (if needed). More...
void reopen ()
 Reopen the log table if needed (after a tempClose). More...
void tempClose (Bool closeParents=True)
 Temporarily close all log tables. More...
void unlock ()
 Unlock the log table. More...
void flush ()
 Flush the log table. More...
void resync ()
 Resync the log table (if needed). More...
Bool isTempClosed () const
 Is the log table temporarily closed? More...
LogIOlogio ()
 Get access to the logger. More...
LogSinksink ()
 Get access to the log sink (reopen the log table if needed). More...
void clear ()
 Clear the log. More...
void removeParents ()
 Remove all parents. More...
const Block< LoggerHolder > & parents () const
 Return the block of parents. More...

Private Member Functions

void doReopen ()
 Do the actual reopen. More...

Private Attributes

Block< LoggerHolderitsParents
LogSink itsSink
LogIO itsLogger
String itsTableName
Bool itsIsWritable
Bool itsIsClosed
typedef LoggerHolderIterator const_iterator
 Define the STL-style iterators. More...
const_iterator begin () const
 Get the begin and end iterator object. More...
const_iterator end () const

Detailed Description

Representation of the class holding a hierarchy of loggers.

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The LoggerHolderRep class is the reference counted implementation of LoggerHolder. See that class for more information.


Reference counting was needed to be able to keep a LoggerHolder object after the (ImageInterface) object containing it is gone.

Definition at line 241 of file LoggerHolder.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Define the STL-style iterators.

Only a const forward iterator is available. It makes it possible to iterate through all messages in the logger.

LoggerHolder logger("", False)
for (LoggerHolder::const_iterator iter=arr.begin();
iter!=arr.end(); iter++) {
cout << iter.message() << endl;

STL-style typedefs.

Definition at line 323 of file LoggerHolder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::LoggerHolderRep::LoggerHolderRep ( Bool  nullSink)

Create with a NullSink or MemoryLogSink (default).

casacore::LoggerHolderRep::LoggerHolderRep ( const String logTableName,
Bool  isWritable 

Create with a TableLogSink.

casacore::LoggerHolderRep::LoggerHolderRep ( const LoggerHolderRep )

Copy constructor.

casacore::LoggerHolderRep::~LoggerHolderRep ( )

Member Function Documentation

void casacore::LoggerHolderRep::addParent ( const LoggerHolder )

Add a logger from a parent.

void casacore::LoggerHolderRep::append ( const LoggerHolder other)

Append the entries of the other logger to this one.

const_iterator casacore::LoggerHolderRep::begin ( ) const

Get the begin and end iterator object.

void casacore::LoggerHolderRep::clear ( )

Clear the log.

It removes the parents and removes all messages from the sink.

void casacore::LoggerHolderRep::doReopen ( )

Do the actual reopen.

Referenced by reopen().

const_iterator casacore::LoggerHolderRep::end ( ) const
void casacore::LoggerHolderRep::flush ( )

Flush the log table.

Bool casacore::LoggerHolderRep::isTempClosed ( ) const

Is the log table temporarily closed?

Definition at line 286 of file LoggerHolder.h.

References itsIsClosed.

LogIO& casacore::LoggerHolderRep::logio ( )

Get access to the logger.

It assumes that it will be used to post a message, so it reopens the log table for read/write if needed).

LoggerHolderRep& casacore::LoggerHolderRep::operator= ( const LoggerHolderRep )


It removes the current parents.

const Block<LoggerHolder>& casacore::LoggerHolderRep::parents ( ) const

Return the block of parents.

Definition at line 307 of file LoggerHolder.h.

References itsParents.

void casacore::LoggerHolderRep::removeParents ( )

Remove all parents.

void casacore::LoggerHolderRep::reopen ( )

Reopen the log table if needed (after a tempClose).

Definition at line 269 of file LoggerHolder.h.

References doReopen(), and itsIsClosed.

void casacore::LoggerHolderRep::reopenRW ( )

Reopen a readonly logtable for read/write (if needed).

void casacore::LoggerHolderRep::resync ( )

Resync the log table (if needed).

LogSink& casacore::LoggerHolderRep::sink ( )

Get access to the log sink (reopen the log table if needed).

It is not assumed you want to write. If you want to do that, you should first call reopenRW() to ensure you can write.

void casacore::LoggerHolderRep::tempClose ( Bool  closeParents = True)

Temporarily close all log tables.

By default the possible parent log tables are also closed.

void casacore::LoggerHolderRep::unlock ( )

Unlock the log table.

Member Data Documentation

Bool casacore::LoggerHolderRep::itsIsClosed

Definition at line 340 of file LoggerHolder.h.

Referenced by isTempClosed(), and reopen().

Bool casacore::LoggerHolderRep::itsIsWritable

Definition at line 339 of file LoggerHolder.h.

LogIO casacore::LoggerHolderRep::itsLogger

Definition at line 336 of file LoggerHolder.h.

Block<LoggerHolder> casacore::LoggerHolderRep::itsParents

Definition at line 334 of file LoggerHolder.h.

Referenced by parents().

LogSink casacore::LoggerHolderRep::itsSink

Definition at line 335 of file LoggerHolder.h.

String casacore::LoggerHolderRep::itsTableName

Definition at line 337 of file LoggerHolder.h.

TableLogSink* casacore::LoggerHolderRep::itsTablePtr

Definition at line 338 of file LoggerHolder.h.

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