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casacore::LogiArrayFwd_global_functions_LogicalArray_forwards Struct Reference

Forward declarations for LogicalArrays. More...

#include <LogiArrayFwd.h>


class  Array

Public Types

typedef Bool LogicalArrayElem
 The element type for LogicalArray. More...
typedef Array< LogicalArrayElemLogicalArray
 Define LogicalArray. More...

Detailed Description

Forward declarations for LogicalArrays.

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LogiArrayFwd is short for LogicalArrayForwards, which was too long by the old AIPS++ file naming conventions. It contains forwards for LogicalArrays.


This file contains forward definitions for LogicalArrays.


There are places where LogicalArrays cannot be defined, i.e. where LogiArray.h cannot be included. In those places, one must provide forward declarations for those objects which one is using. This is particularly tricky for LogicalArrays, since they are not classes, but are rather typedefs. In order to make these forwards easier to get correct, and easier to maintain, this file was created. If LogicalArrays should ever be change to a class, only this file would need to be changed, instead of every file where the current typedefs would have to be changed to class forwards.

To Do

Definition at line 80 of file LogiArrayFwd.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Define LogicalArray.

Definition at line 94 of file LogiArrayFwd.h.

The element type for LogicalArray.

This should stay a typedef and not a class, so that it will work inside of logical expressions without defining a cast to int, which would lose its typesafeness.

Definition at line 89 of file LogiArrayFwd.h.

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