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casacore::LogiArray_global_functions_LogicalArray Struct Reference

Logical valued Arrays. More...

#include <LogiArray.h>

Detailed Description

Logical valued Arrays.

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LogicalArray declares logical valued Arrays.


This file contains the declarations for LogicalArrays.


One needs to have logical valued Arrays. They are the result of logical operations on Arrays. They can also be created in other ways. They are used as masks for MaskedArrays.

Array<Bool> would have served the purpose. However, it is very space inefficient. Instead, the concept has been abstracted. Currently, the implementation of LogicalArray is Array<LogicalArrayElem>, done with typedefs. The type of LogicalArrayElem can be changed at any time. Later, if desired, LogicalArray can be made to be a true class, without requiring more than a recompile of code which uses it.

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