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AIPS++ memo series

AIPS++ Group

AIPS++ Review: Report of the Review Panel
1994/12/15 Offen et al.
The findings and recommendations of the review panel.

The Design of AIPS++
1995/02/17 Glendenning.
Written (and only very slightly modified) for the AIPS++ review of December 1994.

AIPS++ Mission Statement
1993/09/03 Hunt (Ed)
AIPS++ Mission Statement. Adopted by the AIPS++ steering committee 16th October, 1993.

An Overview of AIPS++ Design
1993/05/08 Hjellming, Glendenning.
Overview document on AIPS++ covering the status of class design as of April, 1993.

AIPS++ Software Design: Telescope Data Handling
1993/04/26 Bottomly.
Software design document for handling instrument data input using Rumbaugh methodology.

Spherical Map Projections
1992/10/27 Calabretta.
Concise mathematical description of spherical map projections for use in astronomy.

AIPS++ Familiarization
1992/09/02, 1992/10/06 Hjellming, Glendenning.
Recommendations for learning about, and programming in, AIPS++.

Tentative Proposal for an AIPS++ Project Book
1992/04/09 Hjellming, Glendenning.

AIPS++ prototype
1992/03/20 Olnon (Ed).
Report on a small prototype the development group undertook. Two figures are only available in paper.

Calibration, Imaging, and Datasystems for AIPS++ - Report of the meeting held at Green Bank, West Virginia, 3rd-14th February, 1992
1992/02/18 Shone, Cornwell (Eds).
Has several figures and many pages of text that are only available in paper, but the important expository text is available electronically.

An Initial Design for Major AIPS++ Objects
1992/01/31 Hjellming, Glendenning.
An incomplete note that set context for the Green Bank meeting. Has two figures unavailable in the electronic version.

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