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AIPS++ Change Proposals

Joe McMullin, AIPS++ Project Manager
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AIPS++ manages changes via change proposals. Before a substantial change is made, a change proposal must be submitted and accepted. A Czar is appointed by the Project Manager to oversee this process for particular areas. A proposal is submitted to the Czar. If the Czar decides that the proposal has merit then the message is sent to the relevant aips2 exploders for discussion. Notice that a proposal has been issued is also sent to aips2-workers. A template for a change proposal is available and further explains the procedure.

The Czars are:

The accepted proposals are:
TitleDate Accepted
Proposal for AIPS++ change managementDecember 8, 1995
Reviewers Guidlines for Glish Code January 26, 1996
Proposal for Basic MeasurementSet ConventionsJanuary 31, 1996
Proposal for MeasurementSet Units ConventionsJanuary 31, 1996
Proposal for Measures in MeasurementSetJanaury 31, 1996
Introduction of Subtables in MeasurementSetFebruary 12, 1996
Revisions to Cxx2htmlFebruary 14, 1996
Proposal for a GUI for AIPS++February 22, 1996
Revisions to Programmer DocumentationFebruary 29, 1996
String Handling Additions for gmisc ClientMay 10, 1996
Proposal for MeasurementSet Changes October 4, 1996
Proposal to Improve Table BrowserJune 30, 1996
Proposal for Data Handling in AIPS++September 28, 1998
Proposal for MeasurementSet v2.0 data format February 15, 1999
Proposal for Cleanup of ifdef Growth October 28, 1999
Proposal for 64-bit Coding Conventions in AIPS++March 17, 2000
Proposal for adopting gcc 2.95.2 as project compiler December 1, 2000
Proposal to store table data in little endian format April 17, 2002
Proposal for adopting SUN C++ as a secondary compiler March 22, 2002
Proposal for adopting gcc 3.1 as the project compiler July 08, 2002
Proposal for new memory use policy in AIPS++ October 07, 2002
Proposal to Reorganize AIPS++ mailing lists November 10, 2003
Proposal to switch to CVS for code management January 15, 2004
Proposal to remove aipsview from AIPS++ code tree February 23, 2004
Proposal for migrating to CFITSIO classes March 17, 2004
Re-implement data table update procedures March 17, 2004
Require Namespace June 12, 2004
Adopt Doxygen June 12, 2004
AIPS++ Library Split June 08, 2004
Improve STL-iterator interface for arrays and other AIPS++ containers June 24, 2004

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