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casa::GLPCTexturedImage Class Reference

#include <GLPCTexture.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::GLPCTexturedImage:
casa::GLPCDisplayListEntry casa::GLPCDisplayListElement

Public Member Functions

 GLPCTexturedImage (GLsizei width, GLsizei height, const GLushort *pixels, const GLPCTextureParams *=NULL)
 ~GLPCTexturedImage ()
void draw ()
void draw (GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z=0.0, GLfloat xscale=1.0, GLfloat yscale=1.0)
void envmode (GLenum mode)
GLenum envmode () const
GLPCTextureParamsparams () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::GLPCDisplayListEntry
 GLPCDisplayListEntry::GLPCDisplayListEntry (const char *name=NULL, GLenum mode=GL_COMPILE_AND_EXECUTE)
virtual ~GLPCDisplayListEntry ()
virtual void call (casacore::Bool force, const casacore::uInt spaces)
 Draw element unless disabled or force is true. More...
virtual void start ()
 Begin recording commands. More...
virtual void stop ()
 Stop display list recording. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::GLPCDisplayListElement
casacore::Bool enabled () const
 enable/disable More...
casacore::Bool disabled () const
virtual void disable ()
virtual void enable ()
const char * name () const
 Each element has a name which is printed out when tracing. More...
void name (const char *)
casacore::Bool trace () const
 Enable/disable tracing. More...
void trace (const casacore::Bool t)
casacore::uLong useCount () const
 Each element is reference counted. More...
void ref ()
void unref ()

Private Member Functions

void createTextures (GLsizei dWidth, GLsizei dHeight)
void storeImage (GLsizei dWidth, GLsizei dHeight, const GLushort *pixels)

Private Attributes

int ntx_
int nty_
int numTextures_
GLPCTextureObject ** textures_
GLfloat x_
GLfloat y_
GLfloat z_
GLfloat xscale_
GLfloat yscale_
GLsizei dWidth_
GLsizei dHeight_
GLint maxTextureSize_

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from casa::GLPCDisplayListEntry
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::GLPCDisplayListElement
 GLPCDisplayListElement (const char *name=NULL)
virtual ~GLPCDisplayListElement ()
 Elements self delete when the reference count goes to 0. More...
void traceCheck (casacore::uInt spaces=0, const char *str=NULL, const char *name=NULL)

Detailed Description



GLPCTexturedImage is used to convert an image to texture objects for display. The pixels array contains pixels stored as RGB triples. This class is typically only used by GLPixelCanvas If the image is larger than the maximum texture size, it will be broken into pieces that fit.

Definition at line 102 of file GLPCTexture.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::GLPCTexturedImage::GLPCTexturedImage ( GLsizei  width,
GLsizei  height,
const GLushort *  pixels,
const GLPCTextureParams = NULL 
casa::GLPCTexturedImage::~GLPCTexturedImage ( )

Member Function Documentation

void casa::GLPCTexturedImage::createTextures ( GLsizei  dWidth,
GLsizei  dHeight 
void casa::GLPCTexturedImage::draw ( )
void casa::GLPCTexturedImage::draw ( GLfloat  x,
GLfloat  y,
GLfloat  z = 0.0,
GLfloat  xscale = 1.0,
GLfloat  yscale = 1.0 

Thrown Exceptions

image and save values for later.

void casa::GLPCTexturedImage::envmode ( GLenum  mode)
GLenum casa::GLPCTexturedImage::envmode ( ) const

Definition at line 114 of file GLPCTexture.h.

References casa::GLPCTextureParams::envmode_, and params_.

GLPCTextureParams* casa::GLPCTexturedImage::params ( ) const

Definition at line 117 of file GLPCTexture.h.

References params_.

void casa::GLPCTexturedImage::storeImage ( GLsizei  dWidth,
GLsizei  dHeight,
const GLushort *  pixels 

Member Data Documentation

GLsizei casa::GLPCTexturedImage::dHeight_

Definition at line 129 of file GLPCTexture.h.

GLsizei casa::GLPCTexturedImage::dWidth_

Definition at line 129 of file GLPCTexture.h.

GLint casa::GLPCTexturedImage::maxTextureSize_

Definition at line 131 of file GLPCTexture.h.

int casa::GLPCTexturedImage::ntx_

Definition at line 124 of file GLPCTexture.h.

int casa::GLPCTexturedImage::nty_

Definition at line 124 of file GLPCTexture.h.

int casa::GLPCTexturedImage::numTextures_

Definition at line 125 of file GLPCTexture.h.

GLPCTextureParams* casa::GLPCTexturedImage::params_

Definition at line 130 of file GLPCTexture.h.

Referenced by envmode(), and params().

GLPCTextureObject** casa::GLPCTexturedImage::textures_

Definition at line 126 of file GLPCTexture.h.

GLfloat casa::GLPCTexturedImage::x_

Definition at line 127 of file GLPCTexture.h.

GLfloat casa::GLPCTexturedImage::xscale_

Definition at line 128 of file GLPCTexture.h.

GLfloat casa::GLPCTexturedImage::y_

Definition at line 127 of file GLPCTexture.h.

GLfloat casa::GLPCTexturedImage::yscale_

Definition at line 128 of file GLPCTexture.h.

GLfloat casa::GLPCTexturedImage::z_

Definition at line 127 of file GLPCTexture.h.

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