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casa::ImageTotalPolarization Class Reference

Compute total polarization intensity. More...

#include <ImageTotalPolarization.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::ImageTotalPolarization:
casa::ImagePolTask casa::ImageTask< casacore::Float >

Public Member Functions

 ImageTotalPolarization ()=delete
 ImageTotalPolarization (const SPCIIF image, const casacore::String &outname, casacore::Bool overwrite)
virtual ~ImageTotalPolarization ()
String getClass () const
void setClip (casacore::Float clip)
void setDebias (casacore::Bool debias)
void setSigma (casacore::Float sigma)
SPIIF compute ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::ImagePolTask
 ImagePolTask ()=delete
virtual ~ImagePolTask ()
< casacore::Float
linPolInt (casacore::Bool debias, casacore::Float clip=10.0, casacore::Float sigma=-1.0)
*casacore::Float sigmaLinPolInt (casacore::Float clip=10.0, casacore::Float sigma=-1.0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::ImageTask< casacore::Float >
virtual ~ImageTask ()
void setStretch (const casacore::Bool stretch)
void setLogfile (const casacore::String &lf)
 tacitly does nothing if lf is the empty string. More...
void setLogfileAppend (const casacore::Bool a)
void setRegion (const casacore::Record &region)
void setMask (const casacore::String &mask)
void setVerbosity (Verbosity verbosity)
void addHistory (const std::vector< std::pair< casacore::String, casacore::String > > &msgs) const
 These messages will appear in the product image history upon the call to _prepareOutputImage(). More...
void addHistory (const casacore::LogOrigin &origin, const casacore::String &msg) const
void addHistory (const casacore::LogOrigin &origin, const std::vector< casacore::String > &msgs) const
void addHistory (const casacore::LogOrigin &origin, const casacore::String &taskname, const std::vector< casacore::String > &paramNames, const std::vector< casac::variant > &paramValues) const
 This adds standard history messages regarding the task that was run and input parameters used. More...
void suppressHistoryWriting (casacore::Bool b)
 suppress writing the history on _prepareOutputImage() call. More...
std::vector< std::pair
< casacore::String,
casacore::String > > 
getHistory ()
 get the history associated with the task. More...
void setDropDegen (casacore::Bool d)

Private Member Functions

casacore::ImageExpr< Float_totPolInt ()

Private Attributes

casacore::Bool _debias
casacore::Float _clip
casacore::Float _sigma

Static Private Attributes

static const String CLASS_NAME

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from casa::ImagePolTask
enum  StokesTypes {
- Public Types inherited from casa::ImageTask< casacore::Float >
enum  Verbosity
 Virtual base class for image analysis tasks. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::ImagePolTask
 ImagePolTask (const SPCIIF image, const casacore::String &outname, casacore::Bool overwrite)
casacore::Bool _checkQUBeams (casacore::Bool requireChannelEquality, casacore::Bool throws=casacore::True) const
void _fiddleStokesCoordinate (casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > &ie, casacore::Stokes::StokesTypes type) const
 Change the casacore::Stokes casacore::Coordinate for the given complex image to be of the specified casacore::Stokes type. More...
< casacore::Coordinate::Type
_getNecessaryCoordinates () const
 Represents the minimum set of coordinates necessary for the task to function. More...
CasacRegionManager::StokesControl _getStokesControl () const
SPCIIF _getStokesImage (StokesTypes type) const
casacore::LatticeExprNode _makePolIntNode (casacore::Bool debias, casacore::Float clip, casacore::Float sigma, casacore::Bool doLin, casacore::Bool doCirc)
 Make a LEN for the give types of polarized intensity. More...
void _maskAndZeroNaNs (SPIIF out)
void _setDoLinDoCirc (casacore::Bool &doLin, casacore::Bool &doCirc, casacore::Bool requireI) const
void _setInfo (casacore::ImageInterface< Float > &im, const StokesTypes stokes) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::ImageTask< casacore::Float >
 ImageTask (const SPCIIT image, const casacore::String &region, const casacore::Record *const &regionPtr, const casacore::String &box, const casacore::String &chanInp, const casacore::String &stokes, const casacore::String &maskInp, const casacore::String &outname, casacore::Bool overwrite)
 if outname is empty, no image will be written if overwrite is True, if image already exists it will be removed if overwrite is False, if image already exists exception will be thrown More...
 ImageTask (const SPCIIT image, const casacore::Record *const &regionPtr, const casacore::String &mask, const casacore::String &outname, casacore::Bool overwrite)
virtual std::vector
< OutputDestinationChecker::OutputStruct
_getOutputStruct ()
virtual void _construct (casacore::Bool verbose=true)
 does the lion's share of constructing the object, ie checks validity of inputs, etc. More...
const SPCIIT _getImage () const
const casacore::String_getMask () const
const casacore::Record_getRegion () const
void _setStokes (const casacore::String &stokes)
const casacore::String_getStokes () const
const casacore::String_getChans () const
const casacore::String_getOutname () const
casacore::Bool _isPVImage () const
 Is the attached image a position-velocity (PV) image? More...
void _removeExistingOutfileIfNecessary () const
void _removeExistingFileIfNecessary (const casacore::String &filename, const casacore::Bool overwrite, casacore::Bool warnOnly=false) const
 if warnOnly is true, log a warning message if file exists and overwrite is true, else throw an exception. More...
casacore::String _summaryHeader () const
const std::shared_ptr
< casacore::LogIO
_getLog () const
virtual casacore::Bool _hasLogfileSupport () const
 by default, derived classes are configured to have no log file support. More...
casacore::Bool _getStretch () const
Bool _getSuppressHistory () const
const std::shared_ptr< LogFile_getLogFile () const
casacore::Bool _writeLogfile (const casacore::String &output, const casacore::Bool open=true, const casacore::Bool close=true)
casacore::Bool _openLogfile ()
void _closeLogfile () const
virtual casacore::Bool _supportsMultipleRegions () const
virtual casacore::Bool _supportsMultipleBeams () const
 does this task support images with multiple beams? false means it never does. More...
SPIIT _prepareOutputImage (const casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > &image, const casacore::Array< casacore::Float > *const values, const casacore::ArrayLattice< casacore::Bool > *const mask=nullptr, const casacore::IPosition *const outShape=nullptr, const casacore::CoordinateSystem *const coordsys=nullptr, const casacore::String *const outname=nullptr, casacore::Bool overwrite=false, casacore::Bool dropDegen=false) const
 If outname != NULL, use the value supplied. More...
SPIIT _prepareOutputImage (const casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > &image, casacore::Bool dropDegen=false) const
SPIIT _prepareOutputImage (const casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > &image, const casacore::String &outname, casacore::Bool overwrite, casacore::Bool warnOnly) const
 if warnOnly is true, only log a warning message if the file exists and overwrite is true, else throw an excepction More...
SPIIT _prepareOutputImage (const casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > &image, const casacore::Lattice< casacore::Float > &data) const
 data are copied to the output image from the data lattice. More...
Verbosity _getVerbosity () const
casacore::Bool _getOverwrite () const
virtual casacore::Bool _mustHaveSquareDirectionPixels () const
casacore::Bool _getDropDegen () const
void _doHistory (std::shared_ptr< casacore::ImageInterface< U >> &image) const
void _reportOldNewImageShapes (const ImageInterface< casacore::Float > &out) const
void _reportOldNewImageShapes (const IPosition &outShape) const
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::ImageTask< casacore::Float >
static void _copyMask (casacore::Lattice< casacore::Bool > &mask, const casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > &image)
static void _copyData (casacore::Lattice< casacore::Float > &data, const casacore::Lattice< casacore::Float > &image)

Detailed Description

Compute total polarization intensity.

Intended use:

Public interface



Polarimetric analysis of Images



Basic image analysis capability

Definition at line 59 of file ImageTotalPolarization.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::ImageTotalPolarization::ImageTotalPolarization ( )
casa::ImageTotalPolarization::ImageTotalPolarization ( const SPCIIF  image,
const casacore::String outname,
casacore::Bool  overwrite 
virtual casa::ImageTotalPolarization::~ImageTotalPolarization ( )

Member Function Documentation

casacore::ImageExpr<Float> casa::ImageTotalPolarization::_totPolInt ( )
SPIIF casa::ImageTotalPolarization::compute ( )
String casa::ImageTotalPolarization::getClass ( ) const

Reimplemented from casa::ImagePolTask.

void casa::ImageTotalPolarization::setClip ( casacore::Float  clip)
void casa::ImageTotalPolarization::setDebias ( casacore::Bool  debias)
void casa::ImageTotalPolarization::setSigma ( casacore::Float  sigma)

Member Data Documentation

casacore::Float casa::ImageTotalPolarization::_clip

Definition at line 83 of file ImageTotalPolarization.h.

casacore::Bool casa::ImageTotalPolarization::_debias

Definition at line 82 of file ImageTotalPolarization.h.

casacore::Float casa::ImageTotalPolarization::_sigma

Definition at line 84 of file ImageTotalPolarization.h.

const String casa::ImageTotalPolarization::CLASS_NAME

Definition at line 86 of file ImageTotalPolarization.h.

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