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casa::QtViewer Class Reference

Qt implementation of main viewer supervisory object – Gui level. More...

#include <QtViewer.qo.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::QtViewer:

Public Slots

virtual QtDisplayPanelGuicreateDPG ()
 create a main display panel Gui More...
virtual QtDisplayPanelGuicreateDPG (const QtDisplayPanelGui *)
virtual QtCleanPanelGuicreateInteractiveCleanGui ()
virtual QtCleanPanelGui2createInteractiveCleanGui2 ()
virtual void quit ()
 Exits Qt loop. More...
- Public Slots inherited from casa::QtViewerBase
virtual void hold ()
 Hold/release of (canvas-draw) refresh of all QDPs. More...
virtual void release ()
virtual void quit ()
 Closes all open panels, which will exit the Qt loop. More...

Public Member Functions

 QtViewer (const std::list< std::string > &args, bool is_server=false, const char *server_string=0)
 When DBus is used "server_string" is the DBus name for the viewer on the message bus, but when gRPC is used "server_string" is the gRPC URL which should be used to register the viewer server. More...
 ~QtViewer ()
void activate (bool)
 Called from, true indicates that this application has been activated, false indicates that it has been deactivated. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::QtViewerBase
 QtViewerBase (bool is_server=false)
 ~QtViewerBase ()
bool server () const
virtual QtMouseToolStatemouseBtns ()
 Return the common QtMouseToolState that all mouse tool users should share. More...
virtual const QtMouseToolStatemouseBtns () const
virtual std::list
< QtDisplayPanelGui * > 
openDPs ()
 The list of QtDisplayPanels that are not closed. More...
virtual int nOpenDPs ()
 The number of open QtDisplayPanels. More...
virtual void dpCreated (QtDisplayPanelGui *newDP, QtDisplayPanel *panel)
 Only to be used by QtDisplayPanels, to inform this class of their creation. More...
bool dataDisplaysAs (casacore::String datatype, casacore::String &displaytype)
 Returns true iff datatype is a vaild viewer datatype and displaytype is valid for the datatype. More...
bool exiting ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const QString & name ()
 name used to initialize connection to dbus More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from casa::QtViewerBase
static casacore::String fileType (const casacore::String pathname)
 function to aid typing files of interest to the viewer. More...
static casacore::String filetype (const casacore::String pathname)
 similar to above; returns internal DD datatype names like "ms" (or else 'nonexistent', 'unknown'). More...
static bool isRestoreFile (casacore::String filename, QDomDocument &restoredoc)
 Does the given file pathname hold a readable file with valid ID and form as a viewer restore xml document? (If so, contents are set onto restoredoc). More...
static bool isRestoreString (casacore::String xmlState, QDomDocument &restoredoc)
 Does the given casacore::String have valid ID and form as viewer restore xml? (If so, contents are set onto restoredoc). More...
static casacore::String toString (casacore::Vector< float > values)
 Utility routines to convert between casacore::Vector<float> and String. More...
static casacore::Vector< float > toVectorF (casacore::String values, bool *ok=0)
static casacore::String toString (casacore::Vector< double > values)
static casacore::Vector< double > toVectorD (casacore::String values, bool *ok=0)

Protected Attributes

std::list< std::string > args_
- Protected Attributes inherited from casa::QtViewerBase
bool server_
std::list< QtDisplayPanelGui * > qdps_
 Existing QtDisplayPanels (whether 'closed' or not, as long as not deleted). More...
QtMouseToolState msbtns_
 This should be the only place this object is ever created.... More...
< casacore::String
 Translates IMAGE, RASTER, etc. More...
< casacore::String
< casacore::Vector< int > > 
 e.g. More...

Private Types

typedef std::vector
< QtDisplayPanelGui * > 

Private Member Functions

void dpgDeleted (QtDisplayPanelGui *)

Private Attributes

QString server_string_
bool is_server_
panel_list_t panels

Static Private Attributes

static QString name_


class QtDisplayPanelGui

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from casa::QtViewerBase
static const casacore::String cvRestoreID
static const casacore::String cvRestoreFileExt
static const int IMAGE
 public (const) data. More...
static const int MEASUREMENT_SET
static const int SKY_CATALOG
static const int RESTORE
static const int LEL
static const int N_DT
static const int RASTER
 viewer displaytypes. More...
static const int CONTOUR
static const int VECTOR
static const int MARKER
static const int SKY_CAT
static const int OLDPANEL
static const int NEWPANEL
static const int N_DS
static const int INVALID
 (for invalid datatype or displaytype). More...
- Protected Slots inherited from casa::QtViewerBase
virtual void dpDestroyed_ (QObject *)
 Connected by this class, (only) to QDPs' destroyed() signals (for maintenance of the list of existing QDPs). More...
virtual void dpHidden_ (QtDisplayPanel *)
 Connected by this class, (only) to QDPs' dpHidden() signals (for checking on open QDPs – will quit if none are left open). More...

Detailed Description

Qt implementation of main viewer supervisory object – Gui level.


A QtViewer app should use just one QtViewer object, in all Probability; the rest of the objects will coordinate through it.

The viewer is structured with a functional layer and a gui layer. In principle the former can operate without the latter. This class contains and manages various gui objects associated with the viewer. Its base manages the corresponding functional objects.

casacore::Functional objects Related Gui objects

QtViewerBase QtViewer, QtDataManager, print dialog QtDisplayData QtDataOptionsPanel QtDisplayPanel QtDisplayPanelGui, panel options dialog

QtDisplayPanel is also a display widget, but minimal, without surrounding graphical interface (animator, menus, etc.) to operate it.

Definition at line 79 of file QtViewer.qo.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<QtDisplayPanelGui*> casa::QtViewer::panel_list_t

Definition at line 149 of file QtViewer.qo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::QtViewer::QtViewer ( const std::list< std::string > &  args,
bool  is_server = false,
const char *  server_string = 0 

When DBus is used "server_string" is the DBus name for the viewer on the message bus, but when gRPC is used "server_string" is the gRPC URL which should be used to register the viewer server.

casa::QtViewer::~QtViewer ( )

Member Function Documentation

void casa::QtViewer::activate ( bool  )

Called from, true indicates that this application has been activated, false indicates that it has been deactivated.

The application (with OSX anyway) becomes deactivated when it looses application focus, e.g. when the user moves to "mission control" etc. This is useful for signaling that the mouse has left the display window... (in these cases where it leaves without dragging out)

virtual QtDisplayPanelGui* casa::QtViewer::createDPG ( )

create a main display panel Gui

virtual QtDisplayPanelGui* casa::QtViewer::createDPG ( const QtDisplayPanelGui )
virtual QtCleanPanelGui* casa::QtViewer::createInteractiveCleanGui ( )
virtual QtCleanPanelGui2* casa::QtViewer::createInteractiveCleanGui2 ( )
void casa::QtViewer::dpgDeleted ( QtDisplayPanelGui )
static const QString& casa::QtViewer::name ( )

name used to initialize connection to dbus

Referenced by casa::QtDBusViewerAdaptor::dbusName().

virtual void casa::QtViewer::quit ( )

Exits Qt loop.

(Note that the loop can be restarted (and is, in interactive clean, e.g.), with existing widgets intact. This does not in itself delete objects or exit the process, although the driver program might do that). Also, some of the panels may have WA_DeleteOnClose set, which would cause their deletion (see, e.g., createDPG()).

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class QtDisplayPanelGui

Definition at line 133 of file QtViewer.qo.h.

Member Data Documentation

std::list<std::string> casa::QtViewer::args_

Definition at line 143 of file QtViewer.qo.h.

QtDBusViewerAdaptor* casa::QtViewer::dbus_

Definition at line 139 of file QtViewer.qo.h.

bool casa::QtViewer::is_server_

Definition at line 148 of file QtViewer.qo.h.

QString casa::QtViewer::name_

Definition at line 146 of file QtViewer.qo.h.

panel_list_t casa::QtViewer::panels

Definition at line 150 of file QtViewer.qo.h.

QString casa::QtViewer::server_string_

Definition at line 147 of file QtViewer.qo.h.

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